Property Management Software 101:An Introduction

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Whether you are a new to real estate or not, having a good  property management software to manage all your daily tasks and streamline your workflow is crucial in today’s market. To choose the Best Property Management Software suitable for your business, one should always look for what kind features are provided and how user-friendly is the Real Estate Software.The essential features of Property Management are Lead Management, Contact Management, Business Networking,  Rent Management, Payment Management, Sales Management, Procurement and Inventory Management, Administration and Security Management.

What features does a Maisonette software solution provide?

People & CRM

Maisonette CRM software makes your people management easy by allowing you to have all your contacts. i.e., customers, vendors, staff, landlords, etc. under one portal. You can effortlessly create, search, edit and manage the data of people with you are engaged.

Maisonette real estate software provides Lead workspace, where you can sophisticatedly manage your lead generation and management process. Using lead workspace, you can easily assign leads to your sales team and track their status, follow-up with clients, and have constant communication with the potential leads for converting them into customers.


You can keep track of your fixed assets and asset equipment listing using Maisonette Real Estate Property Management Software. Additionally, you can even manage asset depreciation and calculate revaluation easily.

Using guide tools, you can quickly design your asset management dashboard with precisely what you want and get a personalized feel. You can attach images to your components and units to enhance the visual experience of your property management software.

Project Costing

You can handle the entire project right from the beginning by implementing Maisonette Project Costing module as part of your software property management. You can track the actual progress of the project and sync it with the data provided by the contractor. You can get insights from all the project related activities from supplier payments, retentions, advance recovery to variation just in one click.


Maisonette lease management solution is one of the most extensively used module with comprehensive and sophisticated systems that covers end to end requirements of any leasing business. You might be running a small business, or large enterprise, Maisonette Leasing module can be customized to support all your organizations leasing functionalities. Property managers and leasing agents can always avail accurate information at their fingertips using features like multiple workflows, in-built document designer, real-time availability and wide-ranged reporting.


You can perform basic and advanced financial operations using Maisonette’s Software for Property Management which combines a robust financial module that integrates with complete processes of the business, i.e., lease, sale, purchase, project costing, etc.

Finance has never been so easy to manage and regulate, but by using Maisonette financial module, you can take advantage of a pre-built complete set of IFSC certified reporting structure and globally compliant audit trails letting you be controller and auditor of your own business.


Using Maisonette’s Software for Property Management, you can execute the complete sales funnel right from lead generation to raising quotations. Maisonette’s sales module gives you the flexibility to create bookings, payment plans & interest calculation making it possible for you to track all minute details in a single application. You can accomplish the tedious and lengthy process of payment plan creation, unit handover, late fee calculation, Net Present Value (NPV) calculation, etc. with comfort using Maisonette’s property management software for real estate.

Services & Facility Management

Managing your property is equally essential to any other operational process. To ensure you have happy tenants & customers, it is necessary your facility and services are managed well. Manage your business efficiently by tracking, logging, resolving all issues and doing a follow-up using facility management & services module.

Maisonette’s facility management module is integrated with Asset and Inventory management which makes it seamlessly effortless to track asset level complaints and specific inventory requirements making it one of the most comprehensive facility management tool available in the market.

Procurement & Inventory

It is significant for inventory and store managers to keep track of every item purchased, received and issued. It at times becomes a tedious job to have a daily stock count at various warehouses. Maisonette’s complete Procurement and Inventory Module makes it easy for the inventory and store managers by helping them upload their entire inventory with the stock count at ease. They can control their purchases by providing accurate stock information, and with automated reordering levels, it is easy to track the availability of stock.

Administration & Security

Maisonette is an advanced web-based property management software for the real estate industry which is fully integrated, solving the lack of coordination among operations, finance and facility management departments. Built on .NET framework technology, Maisonette property management software supports both SQL and Oracle databases that are used widely.

Maisonette intends to make it easy for the property managers by providing all the desired functionalities with best in class technology for real estate industry along with keeping data security and compliance at its core. You can have access to all your data and reports in a completely secured environment.

And Finally

Maisonette is a web-based property management software which includes multiple modules with over 95 Business Process Functionalities and with over 200+ reports ready to be used out-of-the-box with an ability to customize to achieve a personalized feel. That’s why Maisonette is your one-stop solution for all your desired features. 

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