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Property Management Software for Real Estate Best Property Management Software for Real Estate

Commercial real estate management, be it for office space, retail or industrial requires a different approach from residential properties. An excellent property management software for real estate can elevate commercial real estate operations by connecting processes, activities and people through a single unified cloud and mobile platform.

Maisonette real estate software helps you channelize and streamline your work making it easy for you to manage your commercial property. You can create detailed financial projections and budgets, create recurring charges, auto-calculate rent increases and calculate expense recoveries and common area management charges and to perform reconciliations.

Maisonette presents original benchmarking research for commercial real estate owners and property managers. We understand commercial real estate is in a state of transformation, led by a customer and digital revolution.

At Maisonette we know how dynamic it is for the business and we provide best-in-class operations so that your business can enjoy a sustained and measurable advantage.

Features of Maisonette Commercial Property Management Software

Property Type:

Maisonette property management software enables a user to manage individual units or floor spaces of any size as per business requirements.


Though there are less intensive transactions are involved, accounting for commercial real estate firms is more complicated than residential real estate firms.

Maisonette commercial real estate property management software, allows you to manage complicated real estate leases, accounting for expense recoveries, complex CAM agreement, detailed financial reporting, with its advanced budgeting tools with ease.

Lease Management:   

Lease Management is an indispensable part of any commercial property management software. Using Maisonette’s lease managing software, you can handle the different leasing rates and rates across the complete lifecycle of the lease.  You can handle staggered lease terms with differential leasing rates and CAM recoveries, rent reviews, and options such as first refusal rights for the tenants with ease.

Maintenance APP:

Maisonette maintenance APP enables the property manager to handle tenant maintenance requests, track maintenance tasks,  set-up schedules and alerts regarding upcoming due maintenance.


Maisonette real estate software is capable of generating detailed, and custom reporting at unit, property, entity or investor level be it a rent roll, unit status, or delinquency reports.  

The software can quickly memories reports across different user types providing a comprehensive suite of statements including investment grade rating, lease maturities & rental rate growth, vacancy rate, initial gross yield by property can be considered.

Common Area Maintenance (CAM):

CAM  accounting is one of the most complex aspects of commercial real estate accounting. Maisonette commercial real estate software has an inbuilt functionality of CAM billing and reconciliation.

 You can track, bill and reconcile the shared common area expenses and income along with handling different types of expense recoveries across separate leases /across different periods of the same contract for your commercial properties.

Reasons why by implementing Maisonette you will enjoy the competitive advantages and benefits:

Enhance Productivity:

Maisonette commercial real estate software has 12 modules integrated with more than 95 business functionality features that synchronize work between various departments making it easy for management to make informed business decisions due to more significant transparency between all departments.

Improve Performance:

Maisonette improves your performance by effectively eliminates repetition and manual data entry. You can also streamline business processes, making data collection easier and more efficient to gain a complete overview of your entire portfolio and identify high performing assets and replicate best practices.

Improve Accuracy:

By implementing Maisonette real estate software, you can take advantage of reducing human error by automating spreadsheets, debt control systems, and report; enabling you to collect payments quickly and accurately. Improved reporting capabilities ensure analysis of complex data requests more efficiently.

Complete Finance Solution:

Maisonette has a perfect automated finance module built specifically for commercial real estate management firms for managing core financial operations. The flexibility of Maisonette helps make your business system more manageable and customization.

Data Migration:

Maisonette’s expert consultants manage and support clients to easily migrate all existing data from your current system via an efficient methodology process.

Maisonette’s direct import functionality makes the transition from old and legacy system convenient and more comfortable to switch from any application.

Secure Access:

You can quickly secure data accessibility including user history logs using Maisonette’s inbuilt advanced security matrix. Maisonette being a web-based real estate software, any department around the world can access appropriate information more securely.

Eliminate Paperwork:

Maisonette is set up to capture information automatically within the application which allows you to eliminates the need for paperwork. You can attach all documents related to each contact/project in one central place using Document Management function – providing easier access.

Deliver Better Customer Service:

Maisonette’s own email helps you create better relationships with clients by managing and facilitating communication both internally & externally.

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