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Maisonette Real estate CRM Maisonette Real estate CRM

We live in an age that is defined as the Digital Age / Computer Age / Tech Age. Every year new technologies are introduced, be it electronic devices or advanced technological software solutions to help us in our day to day living. Be it any domain or vertical of business they are into, a consumer needs the latest technology and solutions. Real Estate is one of the most multifaceted, challenging, ever-changing and most demanding industry. It has become a significant challenge for all companies dealing with software solution technology to keep up with the ever-increasing demand of their customers from Real Estate. Many software tech companies have succumbed to this pressure and perished. Unable to match up with the increasing need of latest tech leaves the software and eventually the company outdated.

Demand for Automation:-

Most of the customers are looking for a solution that can help them complete their tasks in no time with limited input required. We are progressing towards artificial intelligence; there is bound to be a considerable demand for automation. It’s very rare nowadays to find software solution companies that think beyond the expectations of their customers. Software solution providers are working 24/7 to ensure that they can provide everything their customers are looking for. A simple miscalculation of requirement can lead to losing even the most loyal customers.

Software Solution Partner 

Tech companies can no longer rely on or provide generic Real Estate ERP software solutions to their customers. There is a sharp inclination of customers towards Real Estate specific ERP Software solutions. The confidence of having a Real Estate solution that is designed specifically for the Real Estate domain covering every aspect of business in detail is a dream come true for anyone. It’s not an easy task for any software company to have a complete business solution that is readily available for the customer to use. There is a huge gap between knowing the business and doing the business. Hence, it’s utmost important to find a software solution partner that understands the industry and has helped many to do their business efficiently.

Real Estate Software

Maisonette Holding is the only Real Estate dedicated software solution provider in the region. Maisonette has been developed and nurtured for over 17 years to become a 95 percent automated solution. Maisonette Real Estate Software provides a 360-degree coverage of the business through its various modules and applications. Business owners can now focus on their core tasks without worrying about constant and defined processes. It’s a solution that not only focuses on the business aspect but also on end-customer preferences.

Project Costing Module

Real Estate developers can have a complete grip on the construction project using Project Costing module that not only checks the cost of the project but also breaks that price into each unit known as Capitalization. With an ease of uploading BOQ right into the system makes it easier for the projects team to be on the same page as the contractor. Project Module will also help developers and CRM team to share project progress reports directly with the end customers.

Asset and Inventory Modules

Asset and Inventory Modules, allows you to capture every detail that is required for the asset and inventory items. The accuracy of information is achieved by capturing even the smallest of detail. With an extensive inventory, it is also essential to keep a check on the Unit Availability and Status; Maisonette handles this with ease.

Most crucial inventory for any business is their customer database. CRM module covered all aspects of interaction with the customer right from the stage when it was added as lead to the step where it got converted to a customer. Managing details for customer be it personal information, document details or requirement list, all of this is easily achieved in Maisonette. Being in touch with the customer for marketing, services or follow-ups, all of it is possible with a click of a button in Maisonette.

Customer Interaction

With recent development and innovation, Maisonette has taken customer interaction to a whole new level. With the introduction of Maisonette Mobile App for Facilities Management and Property Listing Portal, the end customer has never been so involved directly in the business. The end customer can quickly inform the maintenance team about any maintenance issue with a simple mobile access developed by Maisonette. Following up on complaints and getting up to date status on it no longer requires long phone calls or angry emails. Its available right their fingertips using the Maisonette Mobile App.

Virtual Reality

Maisonette Property Portal has made property listing a seamless task. From Maisonette ERP to Maisonette Property Portal, the information flows smoothly without relying on any third-party bridges. Portal enquires flow back to the main system and becomes a part of CRM. Accessing the latest property listings in the market is a norm, but once again Maisonette has revolutionized the way properties are being marketed. Maisonette has pioneered the art of using Virtual Reality for Real Estate. With Maisonette Virtual Reality the end-customer can take a virtual tour of his dream home right from his living room. Businesses no longer must spend on expensive equipment or software as Maisonette has designed a user-friendly application that can be easily integrated with the property listing portal.


These activities are just the beginning of what is carried out by the incredibly detailed Maisonette application. Sales and Lease operations integrated with Financials of the business makes the entire web of services complete. Each module tightly integrated with each other makes Maisonette work as one system that does it all.

With constant innovations and customer-centric views makes Maisonette Real Estate software solution the best Real Estate Software available in the region.


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