Five Ingenious Ways You Can Increase your ROI With Property Management CRM

Property Management CRM Property Management CRM

Property Management CRM helps companies track, manage, and analyze interactions with your contacts. Whether prospective or current customers, Real Estate CRM Software enables real estate professionals to track their prospects, leads, properties, comps and more to compile information across all communication and marketing channels to obtain insights and better perform the real estate business.

Property Management CRM has been helping real estate professionals to improve customer relations from as early as 1995 by streamlining communications and tracking leads.

Real Estate CRM Software enabled real estate professionals to create a workflow for more efficient and channelized customer management which in turn expands new communication channels and ROI.

Now, here’s the five ingenious ways you Can increase your ROI with property management CRM.

Continuously Add to Your Sales Funnel

Property Management CRM excels at tracking and managing contacts and of day-to-day activity real estate professionals would need to close deals.

However, how can Property Management CRM bring in new business?

A well-managed real estate CRM databases are requisite for bringing in a steady stream of prospects and look after your existing clients. Adding promising leads to the top of the sales funnel is essential for business success along with managing existing customers.

Whenever you find a potential seller, add them to your database. Add only qualified prospects to your database as unqualified leads may dilute your marketing efforts, wasting valuable time later

Segment Your Leads

We develop interpersonal relations with all our customers in the real estate industry. Our interaction with our customers based on the buyer persona throughout the buyer’s journey makes a huge difference in the nature and outcome of the customer-client relationship.

As prospects reach your business through various channels, the key to have better buyer persona that can enhance your communication is to segment your customers based on their channels – such as referrals, social media platforms, direct mail, cold calling, and spheres of influence.


Segmented customer list helps you to communicate with your customers via their preferred channel in a language they respond to for greater targeting and more powerful marketing messaging.

With a web-based Property Management CRM for Real Estate, you can manage and update your database from any device allowing real estate professionals to input prospect and customer information on the fly and access it from anywhere, anytime.

Real Estate professionals can segment their leads based on different criteria to avoid annoying customers with the messages that are not relevant to them and unsubscribing from your emails.

How should real estate professionals segment their leads?

  1. Buyers — Leads who are yet in the research phase and haven’t made it to a buying position.

  2. ‘A’ Buyers — Leads who are currently making offers, going to auctions, and taking out contracts.

  3. Owners — Property owners who could benefit from future services as clients. May be able to refer customers if requested.

  4. Sellers — Property owners who intend to make a move and sell the property within a preferred window.

Point Lead Sources

As a real estate professional, you must be aware that leads come from multiple sources like social media platforms and online campaigns, word of mouth, just walk-ins or may come from print advertising.

Based on the source of the lead, communication with them changes. Use Property Management CRM to track measure your marketing efforts and analyze which channels are performing better.

With Property Management CRM real estate professionals can access all the reports and see which efforts are performing best.

Once the best marketing channels are pinpointed, you can plan a refined budget and rework on the marketing strategy to maximize marketing efforts and get the best ROI from your CRM.

Personalize Your Marketing Messaging

Customers expect to be treated uniquely and expect more personalized buying experience. Real estate professionals are finding that communications that create interpersonal relations with prospects net more purchases.

You can use Property Management CRM to send automated emails with subject lines and body copy that greets leads by their first name which will give them a boost from seeing their name print. Use social media to bring the customers into your sphere of influence.

Social media posts or email newsletters that link to your Instagram, a Facebook page, or Twitter with neighborhood features will create interest and relevance for younger buyers.

Shooting a single message to all your targeted audience doesn’t work anymore. Marketing today is about more personalized, and  Property Management CRMs allow you to segment your leads and then create perfect a customized post for pinpoint targeting.

Enhance Productivity

Revenue of your real estate company equal depends on the sales and upon the work that leads to closing a deal.

Proper planning results in the productivity of the deal closure. And with mobile users up, the need for on-the-go productivity is higher than ever as real estate professionals spend a lot of time coordinating and corresponding with their clients on mobile.

A good Property Management CRM supports you do time management by planning on the daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis.

It’s the ultimate planning and coordinating tool. Web-based Property Management software makes it accessible for real estate professionals to input and store customer information from anywhere, collaborate, and stay on track with all responsibilities.

Eventually, having your real estate professionals on the same page every calendar day means a more efficient office staff and more effective sales team.

As a paperless solution, a Property Management CRM enhances your ability to get and keep documents, signatures, and share materials between team associates. Using Property Management CRM, you can automate emails, complete online mapping, capture phone calls,  and utilize leading marketing software with ease.

Closing the Deal

When starting out with a Property Management CRM, you will see you would be closing more deals, reach more prospects, and improve company workflows.

It might take time for your team to get used to having these capabilities within reach but as you get used to it, you will notice that being able to manage your listings centrally is powerful, both for lead management and team productivity.

When you delve deep into your Property Management CRM, you will realize that your marketing process will become more streamlined, reports are available to review your efforts, you can efficiently manage all documents, and processes become easier. Faster too.


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