How I Stopped handling Properties, manually after using CRM for Property Management

CRM for property management How I Stopped handling Properties

As a property manager, on a regular basis, your primary task is to operate properties.  Nevertheless, as you apparently already know the real market you are in is the people industry.  If your customers aren’t satisfied, then it would be difficult to sustain them for a very long time.


Using CRM for property management, you can efficiently manage your relationships and interactions with your current clients, as well as your prospects.  The best CRM systems make it easy for you to access customer contact information and call logs without any hassle.


They also allow you and your employees to organize data in ways which are used for making critical business decisions.


CRM for property management is a useful tool for every business, including the real estate, but a few people could visualize the relevance and criticality of it in a real estate business.


Contrary to popular belief that a CRM is more appropriate for an industry where there are many transactions, and it is equally beneficial for “less transaction-high turnover” business of a property dealer. So here is how I stopped manually handling Property after using CRM for Property Management.


Intuitiveness makes a CRM quick and efficient:


CRM for property management is unbelievably comfortable and user-friendly. They are widely accessible and compatible with different OS and devices.


Easy customization and adaptability:  


CRM for property management are highly customizable and professionally developed ones. In the dynamic business world today, entrepreneurs do not like a conventional system that fits for all. Instead, they need adaptable CRM that can be customized according to user specifications.


CRM automates a majority of operations:


When you invest profoundly in a CRM for property management, the most prominent advantage is automation of mundane jobs. Though a real estate industry is not heavily transaction oriented, still a CRM is useful in making it automated up to the most substantial extent. Keep your back-end staff busy in productive thinking and keep the maximum data available to the sales force by installing a rugged and multi-faceted system.


Customer data just a click away:


An automated CRM for property management makes loads of customer data amazingly convenient to access unlike an old-fashioned property manager using a manual system. Using an automated CRM for property management, you can efficiently use interface to organize and store information and convert clients into a lifetime relationship with ease. A detailed client history and event management make it further useful and reliable.


Cost saving on workforce by automating pre and post-sales activities:


Your day to day activities become very simple when you automate pre and post sales activities using CRM software for property management. You can organize and systematize client interaction, schedule appointment, store data and set alerts and notifications. Synchronize the daily planner and keep track of all your potential sales lead. We know that timing is essential for success in the competitive world and with automation, there will be no burden on the pocket.


Active customer conversion ratio:


CRM for property management give a fair chance and makes it possible for converting a sales inquiry into a sales deed along with enhancing customer conversion ratio. CRM for property management brings smart marketing tools to keep your real estate firm top-of-the-mind when customers plan actual purchase. Libraries of quick emails, newsletters, teasers and several other functionalities make the business projection into reality.


Better process management and payment collection:


The speed of transaction determines the growth of the business. When you implement a robust and reliable CRM for property management, speed doesn’t remain a problem. You stay connected to the customers, process the transactions speedily and keep them satisfied forever. The workflow-based software brings enhanced process management, and transaction system assures that right from sales leads generation to payment processing; in just a blink of an eye.


A good CRM for property management makes things amazingly simple for you:


  1. CRM for property management manages every bit of information related to your clients. You can have everything at your fingertips right from their personal and professional details, to demographics and correspondence details to preferences.


  1. You can keep the conversation channel always open by sending advertising campaigns, email, and SMS.It enhances business potential by keeping the customers noted about the latest happenings and offers.


  1. CRM property management software offers a clean and straightforward user interface that gives relevant data in a legible and presentable format.


  1. You can schedule appointments, plan agendas and organize yourself using a good CRM system. The more organized you are, the higher is the efficiency.


  1. Workflow makes the things simple and practical. They automate and systemize your tasks.


How to make the maximum out of your CRM for property management:


  1. Identify a CRM property management software which can be as comfortable and convenient to use


  1. For best results, assure everyone in your office has access to the same property management software and  record every customer interaction, no matter how short, into the system.


  1. Standardise the notes entered into the property management software.  Always begin with the date in the same format, followed by the employee’s name. The record should contain a summary of the conversation.


  1. Use category filters or searchable tag fields or quick filtering or searching in the call logs.  Create standard categories/tags like Complaint, Legal, Service Request, etc. and assure your staff records all the data using  those categories/tags.


  1. Review the notes and categories as often as possible and record the positive and negative trends you see. Discuss these with your employees and brainstorm together on how to fix the negative patterns. Also, don’t forget to appreciate them for the positive trends you are seeing.


  1. Automate answers to typical inquiries. For instance, if a tenant calls with a maintenance request, once it is logged into the CRM system, send a follow-up email. Most of the Property management software enables you to create email templates that can quickly be posted by anyone in the office.  In this case, the email can merely be a confirmation that the maintenance request has been logged and that someone from your team will be reaching out to them in X number of hrs to follow up.


While there are a lot of CRM specific software out there,  as a property manager, the most effective CRM solution for you is to use property management software that includes a CRM system and makes data retrieval so easy anyone in the office can use it.



This would help you to keep your business costs down because you don’t have to pay for two different software systems. As a real estate business owner, you wish to have control over efforts made by real estate marketing executives, reliable customer relationship management; a fully functional CRM is need of the day.



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