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Real Estate Software Success Real Estate Software Success

Today, the commercial real estate software has become a need of the hour for every commercial property owner, and there are plenty of reasons for it. Take, for example, this article, it says that with millennials dominating the workforce, one of the factors that they consider while selecting an office space is its focus on digitization.Or this article that talks about how real estate software has helped commercial property managers to save on costs and time in managing commercial properties.

There is over 205 publicly known commercial real estate software in the market, and it will only grow with the increasing demand for cost-efficient property management solutions and enhanced customer experience. So, if you are a commercial property owner, this is the right time to invest in real estate software.

We can give you plenty of reasons why commercial real estate software is apt for managing and growing your business. However, we are going to go a step ahead and tell you how real estate management software has helped few commercial property owners in their business.

Success story # 1 – Real estate software helps a company save 1-2 hours on the manual process[i]

The commercial department of a real estate company received several enquiries for lease and sale of their properties. Since the queries were responded manually across two separate departments; the company was not sure if each of the queries was addressed promptly and recorded in the database. With real estate rental software, every query has a custom response with key points related to the query. It helps the company to provide better services to the customer looking for a commercial property with a click of the mouse. Considering all the enquiries are recorded in the software, the company does not have to manually record them, which saves 1-2 hours of the resources every day!

Success story # 2 – Real estate rental software helps in growing the business of commercial real estate companies[ii]

This particular commercial property owner wanted to automate and integrate their operations of the company. After partnering with a real estate software company, they could shortlist an ERP system that helps them automate their operations and help them grow their business.

Success story # 3 – Real estate software helps in increasing productivity of the employees

One of the major issues that every real estate property owner faces is the use of multiple software to perform daily activities. The entire process is cumbersome and vulnerable to errors. They selected a real estate management software to encourage collaboration across all their departments and integrated all the processes in one system. So, this minimized the scope of errors and maximized the productivity of the employees as they could collaborate better and did not have to rely on multiple software to complete their work.

Success story # 4 – Real estate management software helps in increasing website traffic by 20.58%[iii]

People often believe that real estate management software is meant only for commercial property management, resource management, and financial management functions of a property. Few real estate management software also offer marketing management services to help the property owners generate leads and build their brand. One such real estate management software offered digital marketing module that helped the property owner to reach out to 20,000 prospects each month and increase their website traffic by 20.58%! The real estate software also helped the client to manage the high volume of enquiries efficiently by collecting and segmenting leads automatically in real-time.

Success story # 5 – Real estate management software helps commercial property company in managing lease[iv]

The employees of this huge commercial property company joked that they woke up in the middle of the night to check if they have missed anything while managing property leases. However, after using software for real estate management, the employees have been able to catch up on their sleep. The real estate management software helps them to set reminders to ensure all tasks are completed and helps the team to track the lease arrangement of every unit or property managed by the company.

These are just a few selected success stories on how software for real estate management has helped commercial property owners to manage their properties efficiently. You can also benefit from using a real estate management software. All you have to do is, determine your business objective such as whether you require it to maximize productivity, manage financial functions, or for marketing purpose, and decide on the spending. Once that is determined, you can select the software that suits your objectives and budget and train your team to use it. This will help you attain your goals at a faster pace and efficiency.



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