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Maisonette is a real estate software provider focusing on providing software and technology solutions for the real estate industry in the MENA region, especially in UAE, GCC, and Egypt.

Maisonette platform is a complete integrated web-based real estate software and ERP that automates business processes and operations for property management companies, real estate developers, and large real estate brokers.

Maisonette enables and automates the workflow and coordination among several departments by providing fully integrated cycles of business operations; including finance, property leasing, property sales, project costing, and facilities management with built-in CRM and marketing tools.

Why choose Maisonette?

Enhance Productivity

Make informed business decisions and establish transparency amongst departments.

Improve Performance

Gain a complete overview of your entire portfolio; find out which of your assets could be performing better and why; understand your tenants’ strengths and weaknesses.

Improve Accuracy

Respond to complex data requests more easily with improved reporting capabilities.

Data Migration

Conveniently switchover and migrate data.

Eliminate Paperwork

Access information more easily with our in-built document management function.

Improve Customer Satisfaction

Combine and access customers’ information, history and all-customer related processes for both inbound and outbound communication with our CRM solution.

Manage Sales and Assets

Keep track of all fixed assets, as the property management software handles the complete sales funnel from raising quotations and offers to the creation of payment plans and interest calculations.

Automate Financial Operations

Customize your financial system, manage core financial operations and respond to complex finance data requests seamlessly with Maisonette’s automated finance module that is built specifically for property management companies.