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Real estate industry has specific needs that need to be considered when making a comparison review of the top real estate software companies. A long-term property management strategy is the best way to ensure a steady flow of customers. What may serve as the best property management software for most industries need not be suitable for real estate. Knowing real estate software companies reviews that are offering for industry-specific features can help you simplify your property management tasks.

When reading real estate software companies reviews bear the features they are offering in mind; they will help meet your unique needs to  the following five things about to build a sustainable and rewarding property business:

Manage Contacts Seamlessly

Real estate business is all about contacts, and a property management software can make contact management extremely organised. A property management software will have a secure contact management module which you can customise based on the categories you require such as leads, customers and, much more. You can further even separate customers into further subcategories. These tags will make it easy for you to make a ranked referrer tiers to get more leads. With the help of the contact management feature offered by in your real estate software company in their solution, you can have a reference to highly satisfied customers and next time when you are selling to a buyer in those areas; you can back your pitch.  


Enhanced Email Marketing

Having a robust email system integrated with your property management software is very essential. Although social media is the most potent tool,  property management can profit more from email marketing. Investing in a property entails firm decision and an email from a professional platform will have a better impact than social media. Many real estate software companies provide a customised feature in their property management software that allows you run pre-designed drip email campaigns for different contacts; send monthly real estate newsletters which you can design using a bank of email templates with industry-specific marketing keywords. You can also send a series of personalised emails that funnel the recipient into agreeing for an ocular inspection or, better yet, purchase.

Compatible with Popular Platforms

Your business might be comfortable using tools like MS Office and Google Docs to manage your reports, but gradually when your business grows, it would be very tedious to maintain so many sheets, and there is a possibility of human error affecting your productivity. Choose a real estate software company that provides you with a solution that is compatible with these tools to make the transition smooth. Compatibility will help to reduce the cost involved in training your staff with entirely different software which may impede your sales momentum. Introducing few basics of property management software to your team that can be integrated with the familiar tools can increase their productivity. Even a non-technical team member can quickly adapt to use the real estate management software which will not limit you to just technical resources.

Mobile Capability (Cloud hosted, Web-based, Online)

Many real estate software companies are coming up with property management tools that have mobile phone compatibility which will solve the issue of data not being available all the time for those agents who are on the road or in the field almost always. Cloud technology and web-based solutions have made it easy for the real estate industry to take full advantage of mobility while limiting cost. As with productivity tools, the property management mobile solutions are compatible with the most popular mobile OS for smartphones and tablets: iOS, Android and Windows Mobile.

You can even give controls to your team members and limit them from the actions they are doing on the software to avoid the data breach. You can have the flexibility to give permissions to access to sales reports but restricting him from downloading or forwarding the reports or blocking financial statements from being obtained while in the field.


Partnering with a real estate software company and implementing the best property management software product is spending in the future of your company. It’s a long-term investment plan with long-term repercussions. It needs a severe decision-making process that requires as many both good and bad inputs that you can get. The five significant tasks above are not absolute, but they’ll put you on the right track, which should be your first step to get the best real estate management software for your business.

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