15 Best Blogs To Follow About Real Estate Software

Real Estate Software Blog 15 best blogs to follow about real estate software
Managing real estate is no cakewalk, especially the rental. You ought to select the best software for rental property to manage your growing customer base. A good real estate software will let you eliminate the clutter of emails, spreadsheets, and modules fragmented across systems. It is crucial to sift through all the solutions to evaluate the best ones to suit your needs. After all, your key objective is to provide a seamless end-to-end experience to the end user using one such solution.
Today, the best software for rental property or Commercial Real Estate ones are cloud-based and promise a device-agnostic access anywhere, anytime. A handful of them is app-centric SaaS packages further linkable to cloud servers or other services also exist. Remember that your agents would be on the move and tend to clients who seek a quick reply. That’s why a real estate software a software with a real-time data access, retrieval, and response system is a crucial aspect of the real estate software.


The best software for the rental property should have a simple and easy to understand user interface.

Pulling a tenants’ financials to taxation or regulations should be a matter of seconds. That’s why carefully studying the suitable options will only make life easier for everyone later. 
Here are the 15 best blogs about real estate software and management blogs to congregate as much intel to help you pick one. 

1) Capterra 

A one-stop resource for reviews with ratings and advice on the latest and the best viable real estate software for rental property management.

2) Inman 

Essential news, reviews, and research articles – you can find a lot of material on a broad range of topics about the real estate industry. 

3) Geek Estate 

It feeds your need for best digital marketing advice and tips to help in boosting generating traffic and grow your business by utilizing technology.

4) 1000Watt

This blog is where real estate marketing meets technology with a personal touch and valuable tips to optimize your digital strategies.


5) BiggerPockets

A well-organized content hub that not only covers issues but provides a lot of intel on real estate’s marketing, finance, strategy, and management aspects. 

6) Landlordology

From tax software to managing to rent collection, this gold mine covers all crucial topics in the most lucid manner and also find recommendations on the best software for rental property management and operations.

7) Active Rain

A large number of credible real estate agents share their experiences, knowledge and best practices under one umbrella.


8) FitSmallBusiness

Refer to the free guides and strategy plans shared by the professionals to improve your marketing and sales using a variety of free or open source software as well as tools.

9) James Dearsley

Along with a futuristic take on the technological advancements shifting the real estate paradigms, James also compiles PropTech news every Sunday and talks about them on his Podcast.

10) Propertyware

The blog covers from accounting to trends of the real estate software and offers tips, guides, how to, and strategies to optimize the property management process.


11) CRE Tech

Ultimate source to read the news as well as videos featuring industry professionals to stay abreast of developments in the real estate technology vertical. 

12) Jon Schultz

How are Big Data and Artificial Intelligence apply to the rental property and real estate management? Schultz addresses such 

13) Redirectconsulting Blog

From selecting the best software for rental property to advantages of integrating others, this blog offers a concise set of articles, webinars, and eBooks on rentals and real estate solutions.

14) Oetkernews

A Canadian blog delivering short and succinct advice on how a CRM software and calculated implementation can iron out kinks and benefit to grow the business.

15) Boomtown Blog

A pile of articles that have technology woven with real estate, comparisons of online resources, extensive library videos on strategic with a slight comic bend, and also, a podcast. 
There’s no dearth of other blogs if you wish to read about investing or corporate real estate subjects. 
The bottom line is that the best software for the rental property should be customizable and scalable. From mailing software to digital media tools. From posting new rental ads to financial accounting for the current tenants. It should allow integration of the essential functions of the sales, market, and customer success management teams. Productivity, ease of usage and leads conversion increases with mobile access.
While evaluating a holistic solution, try not to pick one that has a confusing user interface. It will only leave your agents and rental property managers frustrated. With digital documents storage, you can attempt to make a part of your process paperless. The best software for the rental property should help your staff and be equally accommodating for the tenants as well as clients. 


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