Why love and hate Commercial Real Estate Management Software

Commercial Real Estate Software Commercial Real Estate Software
Real Estate Businesses are often on the fence while selecting a commercial real estate management software. Either it is the sour experience of the past, or they’re unsure whether going through the hoops will be worth it. While you juggle multiple apps, heaps of paper, email, and documents, overall business growth rate become slow. That is why a good software for real estate management can bring some order to the chaos.

The cloud services for real estate management software are getting fiercely popular since they provide flexible access, security and better uptime. The entire charade of running expensive enterprise-grade hardware for mission-critical apps or tools offloads to cloud-based services, and you save up on the cost of maintaining such equipment. You can re-invest those savings in a better cloud solution for a scalable commercial real estate management software. 
The process of selecting software for real estate management and eventually using it makes everyone either love or hate it for a variety of reasons.

Some reasons why you would love a Real Estate Management Software


All of your data is no longer tied to one person/system. A central repository of information accessible anywhere and anytime empowers the workforce to make quick decisions based on data and close deals quickly. Overall productivity and efficiency increase with regular reports and insights that help tweak workflows. The lead management is coherent as the agents can follow up, stay in touch, and eventually convert into clients more systematically. A customizable and scalable software for real estate management allows adding tools and apps in the future as per the needs.


Most agents are on-the-go and carrying a laptop may not be feasible. That’s where mobile and tablet access works to their advantage and can collaborate with the data in real-time. With bring-your-own-device policies, the IT department can configure a secure access to the personal devices. So no need of carrying extra phone or tablet around. At the same time, some agents or even teams can collaborate on the same project or documents instead of operating in silos. 


Tracking equipment/inventory, searching contacts database, or maintaining necessary documents becomes fast with a commercial real estate management software. Reducing paper usage makes your company eco-friendly. Accurate data-driven cost analysis can help you save some capital expenditure in areas such as stationary and printing. 


A lot of marketing and financial accounting tasks can be automated to reduce effort and ward off monotony. Except for creating new data, automating data analysis reduces manual entry in the process and thereby results in more accurate data.  The recurring tasks can be automated using a smart commercial real estate management software. You can even run a marketing campaign, and measure its success by automating a couple of tasks. Needless to mention that automation would help channel the agents’ energies to follow up and convert leads into customers. 
A fraction of your workforce might be averse to using any new technology deployed. Here are the few reasons why your staff hates a commercial real estate management software. 

Technophobia And Adoption Woes:

Most tools and software for real estate management purposes are not user-friendly which makes agents and staff less prone to explore and learn. Pre-conceived notions about a steep learning curve for complicated software drives them away. In this technophobia, the company might lose out on competent employees if there is lack of orientation and training programs.


Confusing Interface:

A single-sign-on sounds amazing but getting greeted with a dashboard full of crazy modules is overwhelming. To get a simple report, one still has to perform a few logical clicks. An untrained person can not take command and tinker around. In case of PC based software, the pile of code becomes even more confusing over a period when you keep dumping the modern tools and apps. Thankfully, the web-based interfaces offer easily customizable dashboards to suit your usage. 

Web Or Software Dilemma:

Your choice of commercial real estate management software type makes a lot of difference. A system-based software for real estate management typically carries a risk of being obsolete in the long run. On the other hand, a web-based software turns out to be cost-effective. Also, ensure a provision for offline access to the data in case you plan to choose a web-based solution. That’s because network connectivity could be weak inside a massive commercial structure or in vast open fields.
The commercial real estate management software does not come in one-size-fits-all configuration. That’s why you should choose a vendor who can be patient enough to understand your requirements, customize the software like ready to use application and deploy it after rigorous testing to give you out of the box solution for covering all scenarios. After choosing software that has a bouquet of tools and applications to run, the next challenge is getting everyone to use it. 

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