At ARDIC, when we started to search for a new ERP system to automate and integrate our operations, we got to know about Maisonette for the first time.   We compared them to many other companies and software offerings, and they came out clearly on top due to their specialization and their deep knowledge of real-estate business.  After working together for a number of years, we are sure that we made the right choice, and we continue to be impressed by their extensive experience, their professional staff, and their friendly support.  We consider Maisonette to be one of the main enablers of our current growth.

Alaa Soueif ERP project consultant

We pride ourselves on being among the first to pick up on new market trends and embrace new technology to drive our business forward. Continued growth in our property management division means that we can only use top of the line technology to manage our portfolio, Maisonette fits our requirements After working together for many years we continue to be impressed by their extensive experience.

Hossam Attia Manager Business Applications

First, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all your contributions and support with setting up and implementing the system, and particularly, for accommodating all our requests. Our request for the calculation of “net present value” has been tested on the system, and it is working according to our needs, without any issues. As we are partners together, our requests will be added value and beneficial to other real estate companies.

Mohab Saad Chief Financial Officer

By far MAISONETTE most helped us in finding a complete integration between all our departments and minimized the usage of multiple software solutions, they worked closely with our employee to assure best usage of their software and maximum efficiency using it.

Hani Shammah Chief Executive Officer

Through the years, MAISONETTE has been on time and on budget with their projects for our company. I recommend them without hesitation and would hire them again if given the opportunity.

Mustafa Al Refaie CFO