Maisonette’s Client Services team works closely with our clients to ensure the speed and success of every project undertaken. We work directly with client deployment teams to understand strategic project objectives and translate them into a project plan that ensures delivery within timelines and budgets.

Our in-house consulting team and solution partners provide extensive industry, software and project implementation expertise to help clients maximize business returns. Maisonette also greatly improves the user experience for workplace professionals, corporate executives, general employees and business partners. By helping clients define and prioritize needs, Maisonette drives high levels of adoption and provides the scalability to meet evolving business requirements.

A Solid Foundation

During the implementation process, a project manager is assigned to each client. The account manager works with the client to address project strategy, issue resolution, scheduling, and managing resources. In addition to the project manager, subject matter experts are assigned to assist with process definition, system configuration and training. Maisonette leverages strategic alliances with premier partner organizations that lend complementary expertise to implementation projects.

MAISONETTE believes in a ‘no surprises’ approach to project management and the team is extremely proactive to identify any issues even before they emerge.

Types of Implementation Projects:

  • Out-of-the-Box: Client requires only general configuration and training.
  • Custom: Client requires custom development to cater to specific requirements.

Approaches towards Implementation Projects:

  • Phased Approach: Based on modules (functionality) and pre agreed project plan.
  • Big-Bang Approach:All modules and all properties go live simultaneously (Not recommend in certain scenarios)

Maisonette teamis flexible enough to provide any level of implementation services desired, includingdirect installation &imparting training to the concerned teams. Generic module documentation is provided along with customized documentation, if required, to include client-specific configurations and business process requirements. Maisonette also offers customized post-implementation training to meet specific requirements.

The same implementation services are available for system upgrades, which include detailed release notes that highlight the enhancements and improvements that are newly available.

Implementation Process Includes:

  • Requirements Analysis / Business Process Engineering
  • Systems Implementation Planning
  • Technology Review and Environment Installation
  • System Architecture / Design
  • Prototyping
  • Systems Implementation / Deployment
  • System Configuration and Testing
  • Enterprise Wide Integration
  • End User Documentation