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The next level in real estate management software

Maisonette is an advanced web-based software package that automates all business processes for the real estate industry. It provides a fully-integrated cycle for operations, finance and facility management and hence solves the problem of lack of coordination among departments. In addition, Maisonette has a built-in customer relationship management (CRM) system, a document management system and smart marketing tools that make it categorically THE software to efficiently support a real estate organization of any size. Maisonette not only delivers savings in both time and money, but also has the capability to reduce human error by 90%.

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Maisonette understands you

Time and productivity are essential for any organization. Maisonette allows your real estate business to maximize productivity by seamlessly integrating with your existing work flow and effectively streamlining the business process. This allows each of your team members to manage their workflow to ensure their time is better spent on interacting with clients and closing deals.

Whether it is migrating your data or reducing the financial complexity of taxation or government regulations, Maisonette takes you to the next level with minimal TCO (Total Cost of Ownership).

Key Features & Modules

The Real Estate industry is constantly changing and evolving. Every aspect of your business requires cutting-edge technology and comprehensive solutions to enable you to serve the needs of your clients.

Asset Management

Maisonette keeps track of all fixed assets, listing while also having the capability to manage asset depreciation calculations.

Asset Management

CRM & Call Center

Maisonette allows you to combine all customer related processes under one module for both inbound & outbound communication.

CRM & Call Center

Facility Management

Maisonette allows you to manage your inventory and work orders while also maintaining insurance and service contracts.

Facility Management

Property Management

Maisonette allows for dynamic contract and agreements generation to ease the process flow for leasing, budgeting and legal management.

Property Management

Project Costing

Maisonette gives you control over all project management aspects while also allowing you to determine capitalization & the pricing matrix.

Project Costing

Sales Management

Maisonette’s sales module handles the complete sales funnel right from raising quotations & offers to creation of payment plans & interest calculation.

Sales Management

Purchasing & Inventory Management

Maisonette provides a platform to raise purchase orders and track inventory while also performing timely audits.

Purchasing & Inventory Management

Advanced Financial Process Management

Maisonette incorporates a sturdy financial module which allows you to perform basic and advanced financial operations.

Advanced Financial Process Management

Plan & Pricing

Ultimate Enterprise

Ultimate Enterprise Edition
One-time Payment

Ultimate U

Ultimate U Edition
One-time Payment


Our Clients

MAISONETTE Clients for Real Estate CRM Software

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Alaa Soueif

ERP project consultant

At ARDIC, when we started to search for a new ERP system to automate and integrate our operations, we got to know about Maisonette for the first time.   We compared them to many other companies and software offerings, and they came out clearly on top due to their specialization and their deep knowledge of real-estate business.  After working together for a number of years, we are sure that we made the right choice, and we continue to be impressed by their extensive experience, their professional staff, and their friendly support.  We consider Maisonette to be one of the main enablers of our current growth.

Hossam Attia

Manager Business Applications

We pride ourselves on being among the first to pick up on new market trends and embrace new technology to drive our business forward. Continued growth in our property management division means that we can only use top of the line technology to manage our portfolio, Maisonette fits our requirements After working together for many years we continue to be impressed by their extensive experience.

Mohab Saad

Chief Financial Officer

First, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all your contributions and support with setting up and implementing the system, and particularly, for accommodating all our requests.

Our request for the calculation of “net present value” has been tested on the system, and it is working according to our needs, without any issues.

As we are partners together, our requests will be added value and beneficial to other real estate companies.

Hani Shammah

Chief Executive Officer

By far MAISONETTE most helped us in finding a complete integration between all our departments and minimized the usage of multiple software solutions, they worked closely with our employee to assure best usage of their software and maximum efficiency using it.

It’s NOT justthe Software!!

With Maisonette, you are NOT signing up for just a piece of world-class software. You also gain access to our extremely proactive and knowledgeable “Peopleware”.

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