Maisonette is an advanced web-based software that automates all business processes for the real estate industry. It provides a fully-integrated cycle for operations, finance and facility management and hence solving the lack of coordination among departments.

Maisonette has been there since 2010. Over 8 years of real estate experience

Maisonette is a real estate specific solution. It covers end to end processes related to real estate industry

The benefits of Maisonette cover all aspects such as feature, cost, and technology standpoint. Some of the benefits that can be listed are:

  • A single integrated system
  • Streamlining processes and workflows
  • Reduce redundant data entry and processes
  • Establish uniform processes that are based on recognized best business practices
  • Information sharing across departments
  • Improved access to information
  • Improved workflow and efficiency
  • Improved customer satisfaction based on improved on-time delivery, increased quality, shortened delivery times
  • Turn collections faster based on better visibility into accounts and fewer errors
  • Provide a consolidated entire business

Maisonette caters to all sizes of real estate companies be it big or small. With our flexible payment plans and terms such as the Business and Enterprise editions even start-ups or small sized real estate companies can utilize the full potential of Maisonette

The time to implement can be affected by many factors including customizations, data migration, customer resource time and availability, and testing. However, for many of our customers the implementation doesn’t take more than 22 working days for Ultimate Edition of Maisonette. Additionally, with our Business and Enterprise Editions the implementation time-frame is further reduced and extremely rapid.

Of course, training is a part of our implementation process. Training is done on-site and in the same environment that will be used once the system goes live. This helps to re-enforce the knowledge transfer and practical use after "Go Live".

Request for a live demo and we will show the actual potential of Maisonette.

Sure, we can arrange a demo access for you. Please use the request for a demo option on our website and we shall contact you directly to arrange this.

Maisonette is currently available in English, Arabic and French languages. However, it is capable of handling various other languages on client requests.

Our strong implementation team will handle this for you. We will ensure all your historical data is migrated in the system. There are various templates that we share with you during implementation to migrate your data. Additionally, Maisonette has in-built data import wizards that can perform data migrations tasks for you with ease.

Technical and Support

Maisonette is built on .NET framework technology

Maisonette supports both SQL and Oracle databases that are widely used

Maisonette is a web based application and can be used on any device with a browser. However, we are coming up with dedicated mobile app version before the end of 2017.

With our Cloud solution, you will be able to access Maisonette securely from anywhere in the world.

Maisonette architecture is API based, hence making it very easy and convenient to integrate with third party applications.

Maisonette offers you various licensing options that will match your organizations financial strategies. With our latest SaaS model, you can choose from multiple Flexible Price Plans that we have. Contact us for more details.

Clients who do not have or do not want to invest heavily on IT infrastructure can opt for our Maisonette cloud solution that is quick, safe and secure.

Maisonette system tracks and logs every action done in the system. The system gives you complete history of a transaction. System also gives you user information along with date and time stamp regarding any modification done in the data

Maisonette User access and roles matrix gives your complete security and flexibility to control the information access to each user.

Yes, you can create follow-ups for yourself on the assigned leads and get notified about the same. The entire follow up history can be tracked in Maisonette as well.

Maisonette team provides Grade A support to all our clients. Our support team is easily accessible over the phone, email, online support portal etc.

Of course, we have an e-Support Portal for our clients. e-Support Portal is an online website for users to log support tickets known as e-tickets. The portal also provides lot of other information on the application and knowledge base of known issues. Users can also download various application related documents online.

Maisonette team aims to ensure smooth running of your business always. We have an immaculate support matrix to handle all support requests. Support requests are assigned on severity level based on the impact on business with each level having its own rapid turn-around-time.


Maisonette advanced Lead Workspace gives you all required function to manage and track all your leads in the system.

Sure, you can use our data import wizard to easily upload all your lead/contact data in the system with just few simple steps.

Maisonette helps you by segregating your contacts as Staff, Landlord, Customers, Vendors and general contacts. This ensures all your data is at one places and accurately sorted.

Lead workspace allows to choose the source of the lead and choose the sales person to whom you would want the lead to be assigned.

Of course, you can easily track the entire life span of a lead with our robust lead work flow process i.e. lead > prospect > opportunity > customer

In Maisonette, the data is never lost. Sales team can only freeze, surrender or mark as lost lead in the system

In Maisonette, you don’t have to worry about it. Maisonette has a faster way of capturing only required information from customer using the QUICK LEAD option. When there is more information, the sales person can always add to a quick lead.

Sure, the sales team doesn’t have to bother anyone ever again for simple information like availability. From the lead workspace, they can easily search the availability list. Also, by using various filtration options they can easily match the availability with customer requirements.

Maisonette has an inbuilt emailing function that can be used to easily communicate with team members without leaving the Maisonette application.

The sales team can generate offers and quotations for the customer from the Lead Workspace screen itself. Maisonette also keeps a track of all the quotations generated from the system. Approval levels can be decided by the management to generate quotations from the system.

Of course, you can attach documents straight into Maisonette. Maisonette has options of directly connecting to your scanner or simply attaching and importing the file.

In Maisonette, system can easily track expired documents and send notifications to the customers. This will ensure you always have up to date information about your customer.

Maisonette CRM comes equipped with mass mailing functionality. You can design your own template and have personalized emails sent from Maisonette.

In Maisonette you can create service requests from customers using the service request workspace. There are various requests types that can be created.


Yes, Maisonette is capable of handling complete lease process for both owned and managed properties

In Maisonette, you can create a Management Agreement with the landlord defining the components in the agreement and revenue sharing terms

Maisonette can easily generate the lease potential and forecast based on various permutation and combinations

Maisonette lease workflow allows you to create lease offers for interested customers. These offers can then be converted to a quotation directly. Once the quotation is approved, it can be converted to a Lease contract without the user having to refill all the lease information.

In Maisonette you can give us all your templates and we shall infuse it with Maisonette. You can have multiple templates generated through the system with ease

Maisonette has a detailed process of handling contracts / agreement with Government customers. Functions such as tracking government reference numbers for the contracts / agreement, managing tenant and occupant separately and having AR based on tenant and occupant

Yes, in Maisonette you can create multiple units’ lease contract easily in the system

Maisonette is the only application that separately manages Utility and Facility contracts / agreement with you tenants. At the same time, these contracts / agreements are linked to the main lease contract, giving you easy control over the entire portfolio.

Maisonette allows you to create any combination of installments for each contract by changing the number of installments, due dates etc.

Sure, Maisonette allows you to create Batch Receipt wherein you can generate 1 single receipt for all installment cheques collected.

With Cheque management in Maisonette Financial Module, you will be able to manage cheque statuses such as deposited, cleared or retuned easily.

Maisonette can send email and SMS notifications to tenants based on the pre-configuration in the system. In Maisonette, user can define reminders for renewal (30, 60, 90… days prior), cheque bounce alert, delay notices etc.

In Maisonette, renewing of contracts / agreement is as easy as a click of a button. With more than 42 renewal scenarios inbuilt, Maisonette not only tracks renewals but also processes the same with ease.

Unlike any other application where parking units are treated as standard UNITS, Maisonette has a smarter way of handling parking units separately. This gives complete flexibility of adding or removing parking to a contract without affecting the original lease contract.

Virtual unit concept is completely unknown to other solutions in the market. Maisonette is the only solution providing the option to create virtual units and process lease for the same. Post expiry, the virtual units are excluded from inventory, giving property managers actual and real count of inventory.

Checkout process is a complete module of its own in Maisonette. Early break of contract, on time checkout or late checkout, be it any scenario and Maisonette will handle it for you.

Sure, you can update all these details along with relevant documents in the checkout module of Maisonette.

Maisonette has an in-built legal module integrated with leasing operations. You can log, track and manage all legal cases in the system. Even the legal expenses can be managed within the application.

Facility Management

Yes, in Maisonette you can record and track all your service contracts / agreement in the system. Not only service contracts / agreement but you can also manage your Insurance Contracts / agreement and Generic Expense contracts / agreement in the system.

Of course, you can define various details of the contracts / agreement in the system such as: vendor information, contract value, contract coverage, contract category, payment information, amendments, bank guarantees etc.

Yes, you can manage all warranty agreements for the assets along with relevant documents,

In Maisonette you can define reactive and preventive maintenance both. Preventive maintenance can be easily defined in the system with count and frequency of task.

Maisonette gives you the complete work flow to log and track your customer complaints. Using the customer care module, the user can log a complaint from the customer and process it as Work Order for the maintenance team.

Maisonette’s automation will take care of this process for you. If the complaint is for a specific asset, Maisonette will automatically look update service contracts / agreement for that asset and choose the vendor for you. Additionally, Maisonette will also look for warranty specifications of asset if the asset is still under warranty.

Sure, in the work order task the user can record all these details to arrive at accurate cost of performing the task.


Maisonette sales workflow allows you to create sales offers for interested customers. These offers can then be converted to a quotation directly. Once the quotation is approved, it can be converted to a sales reservation without the user having to refill all the sales information.

EOI means Expression of Interest. Maisonette has a unique functionality of capturing data related to expression of interest shown by a customer. A sales person can collect an EOI from the customer on a property (land) level wherein the component and unit information is not yet decided. This EOI can later be adjusted toward the unit that will be allocated to the customer.

Sure, you can control your inventory by Blocking the units that you don’t want to show up in the availability for the sales agents. Blocked units are very essential in holding units by the management. The same can be released with ease by authorized users.

There is absolutely no limit on the number of payment plans that can be defined in the system.

Maisonette takes care of this for you as well. You can update expiry dates to the payment plans making it unusable after the expiry period.

Maisonette is flexible enough to accommodate any number of installment plans in it. You don’t have to worry about updating each installment one by one. Maisonette processes will guide you in updating such plans with ease.

Maisonette is already equipped with all the logic and formulas required to calculate the Net Present Value (NPV). NPV is an essential information that is required especially with payment schedules spanning across multiple years.

In Maisonette you can give us all your templates and we shall infuse it with Maisonette. You can have multiple templates generated through the system with ease.

Yes, Maisonette allows you to define your own document status workflow to complete and track all necessary steps involved in finalizing SPA.

Sure, Maisonette allows you to add and manage commissions for your Sales Agents (internal staff) and Broker commissions (external agents).

Yes, Maisonette has a build-in unit handover process with complete history tracking of the handover process. Additionally, handover finalization will automatically trigger financial revenue recognition impact as well.

Maisonette has a smart wizard to help you calculate delay charges on customers who have defaulted. With few simple clicks the system can identify and apply delay charges on defaulted accounts.

Sure, Maisonette allows authorized users to process Charges Waiver through the system using the complete authorization matrix.

Maisonette has 200+ reports ready for you to use. You can use our Sales reports and filter on specific projects that you need. The reports are available in graphical format and can be exported to excel, pdf, word etc. for further refinement.

Project Costing

Of course, you can use Maisonette Project Costing module to track the project progress, project payment and budget information from a developer’s viewpoint. You can have the contract between you and the contractor updated in the system.

Maisonette allows you to directly import your Project BOQ in to the system using an advance wizard. The wizard will also guide you and validate the imported data as well.

You can track every payment made to the vendor for a project using the Project Payments section. Project Payments can have various types of payments namely: advance, interim certificate, partial completion certificate, release disputes and final completion.

Yes, in Maisonette materials on site option can be used to record purchase, consumption and price change of materials stored onsite.

In certain situations, additional types of works are introduced during the construction that was not mentioned in the bill of quantities and it is mandatory to be done before signing a variation order. With the latest update of Maisonette you can add change orders to the project. Change orders will follow the authorization matrix before becoming a part of the contract.

Maisonette allows you to add variations to the project, this may include increasing or decreasing the quantity of any BOQ.

Bank guarantee is a promise made by a bank on behalf of certain clients to pay the clients’ debts if they are unable to do so. In Maisonette the user can update all the bank guarantee information directly in the system using the Guarantee Management function.

Though not yet applicable in UAE, Maisonette is already equipped with tax deduction functionality.

Maisonette has 200+ reports ready for you to use. You can use our Project reports and filter on specific contracts that you need progress information on. The reports are available in graphical format and can be exported to excel, pdf, word etc. for further refinement.

Procurement & Inventory

Maisonette can completely handle the Purchase Order request and provide additional information such as PO History, Receive History etc.

Maisonette has a complete inventory management module inbuilt. Offering inventory management functions such as inventory listing, receiving, issuing, transferring, adjusting and returning.

Sure, in Maisonette you can create multiple warehouses and manage stock levels at each warehouse.

Maisonette allows you to tag reorder levels for each inventory item. The system can generate POs based on the pre-defined reorder levels.

With Maisonette’s Inventory Item Upload wizard you can import all your inventory information in the system.

The details available in Maisonette is not available in any other software. You can add various details about your inventory item in the system such as: item description, item category, preferred vendor, reorder level etc. With Maisonette you can also define if the item is a stock item or an assembly item (assembly item requires other items to form 1 consolidated item)

Sure, Maisonette allows you to exactly record the number of items received whether partial or in full.

In Maisonette you can transfer items from one warehouse to another with complete ease using Inventory Transfer function.

Maisonette’s Inventory Return function can handle the return of inventory and adjust stock count accordingly for you.

Asset Management

Maisonette has a planned way of managing your asset information. Your properties can be categorized as Property (Land), Component (Building) and Unit. You also create a unit model to better define your units in the system. Your fixed assets and equipment can also be updated in the system with accurate description and details.

Yes of course, in Maisonette you can easily differentiate between unit for sale and unit for lease. Each having specific details related to their nature of business

Unlike many other ERPs where you are asked to include parking as a standard unit, Maisonette gives you the advantage of defining parking units accurately in the system. This process helps you in managing parking units separately from the unit for sale and lease. Parking units can have their own pricing structure as well. Is becomes extremely convenient to add or remove parking units from the parent contract / agreement without affecting the entire contract / agreement.

Maisonette allows you to create virtual units by splitting the area of the parent unit to create another child unit. These virtual units are mainly used in scenarios of leasing out additional space available outside a shop in a mall or leasing a KIOSK space etc.

Yes, you can perform such complex scenarios in Maisonette with ease. Merging or splitting of units is a standard process in Maisonette.

Sure, you can not only attach any document to your properties, component and units but also add images and drawings too.

You don’t have to worry about data migration of your units. We give you some advanced solutions to handle data migration process:

a. Unit Generation process in Maisonette is a very sophisticated wizard that will help you create and define an entire Building along with as many units as you want. You create the exact structure of the building and the unit using this advanced feature.

b. There is also a direct import function available for you to import your properties, component, model and unit information using standard excel templates

c. If you don’t want to do any of the above, then just handover the data to our expert implementation team in the required format and they shall handle the rest for you.

In Maisonette, you can add various information about fixed assets and equipment. General information such as: model number, serial number, vendor details etc. Financial information such as purchase price and date, book value, salvage value, accumulated depreciation etc. You can also add asset rent information along with service life information.

Sure, Maisonette will easily manage your asset depreciation process with relevant financial impacts automated.

You can get a complete list of tasks carried out on the asset by the maintenance team. The maintenance team must simply tag the asset in the work orders.

Yes, reevaluation is a part of Maisonette fixed asset management process.

Maisonette can easily help you mass update your unit details at any given point in time by using the Unit Batch Process function.

Using the Visualization Designer function in Maisonette, you will be able to create your own dynamic and interactive layouts of the building, floor plan, unit plan etc. and link it with the unit availability. The system will be able to color code the assigned unit area based on its availability.

Maisonette helps you create picture albums and easily assign these albums to the desired buildings or units.


Maisonette is an international standard software that can easily support multiple currencies.

Sure, you can use our predefined chart of accounts and modify it the way you want. Or you are free to create your own chart of accounts from scratch.

Maisonette revenue recognition wizard will take care of this complex revenue recognition process for you with just few clicks. Maisonette is the only solution that comes with Expense, Fees and PDC factoring recognition as well.

Yes, Maisonette modules are integrated with each other. This gives the users a complete solution experience with information available at your fingertips.

Maisonette is a 95% automated solutions. You don’t have to worry about operational transactions to be input manually in the system. With one time account class setup, Maisonette can handle complete financial impact automatically, without operations team bothering about finance account selections.

Of course, month closing is one of the advanced features of Maisonette. The system has a guided process to close revenue, expense and P&L closing. Additionally, Maisonette will also inform you about transactions that are pending user action to close the operating month such as expired contracts / agreement pending renewal etc.

In Maisonette, you not only manage your customer information (Accounts Receivable) but you also manage end to end Accounts Payables as well. Managing Suppliers/Vendors, booking expense and supplier payments are some of the functions ready to use in Maisonette.

Yes, you can book a mega expense in Maisonette that allows you to raise an expense to multiple components at the same time.

With Maisonette collections process you never must worry about it. Maisonette will give you all receivables from customer in one screen allowing you to choose the AR against which the payment is received.

Sure, you can choose the exact payment method such as cash, check, transfer etc. while processing the collection.

Maisonette cheque management is one of the most detailed functionality. The cheques module will allow you to have a list of all the cheques incoming or outgoing with complete information about each cheque. The system also guides you to process the next step such as deposit, clear, return etc.

Maisonette’s cheque batch process will allow you to bulk update the cheque statuses.

Yes, Maisonette has an inbuilt feature to handle PDC factoring / Cheque discounting process.

Of course, Maisonette will keep you informed about any advances given to the vendor while booking an expense for the vendor.

No other solution has a separate module for handling Petty Cash except Maisonette. Handling petty cash effectively is one of the outstanding points in Maisonette that has created a complete process and workflow around Petty Cash processing.

Maisonette Budget module allow you to create your own budgets in the system. With operational budget, you can create budget for every revenue and expense category. Maisonette is also capable of generating various reports on your budgets such as Budget Variance Report, Budget Income statement etc.

Maisonette has a complete automated solution to handle related party transactions. The system detects related party transactions based on the components and automatically passes a related party transaction for you. These related party transactions can be settled within the system as well.

Sure, Allocation process in Maisonette allows you to allocate cost to multiple components at a time.

Maisonette is the only system that is already equipped with VAT calculation functionalities.

Maisonette financial module has invoice and expense import wizard that can easily migrate data from an excel file into the system.


Maisonette has more than 200 out of the box reports available for you to use

Maisonette has the flexibility where the user can create his own dashboards based on his KPIs. User can choose from various ready to use widgets to make his own dashboard.

Maisonette offers inbuilt custom report builder for users to take advantage of creating customized reports by themselves

Of course, Maisonette supports all sorts of graphical representation of the data as required

Maisonette is able to generate your Lease and Sale - Agreements / Contracts in MICROSOFT WORD format. This allows the system to exactly match the look and feel of your own Agreements / Contracts format.

Even though Maisonette generates your Lease and Sale - Agreements / Contracts in MICROSOFT WORD format, the output is restricted for editing. Unless an authorization is provided, the word document cannot be edited. Also, with relevant access to the system, the user can create, edit and control all the WORD templates available in the system.